Marlon Clicfix 1040 is the complete architectural glazing system from Brett Martin. The unique interlocking glazing panels are manufactured from multiwall polycarbonate sheet which simply click and fi x into place for a completely seamless façade. Marlon Clickfix1040 is a thermally efficient method of introducing natural light into a building, reducing the overall consumption of energy with the added benefit of quick and simple installation.

Marlon Clickfix 1040 is suitable for use in all building types in either façade or roof, as cladding or partitioning, internally or externally.

Excellent Optical Clarity

Clear sheet has excellent optical clarit ysuitable for a wide range of applications. Also provides light transmissions of up to 92%.


Fire Resistant

Self extinguishing, stops the spread of flame and excellent fire resistant properties.


Sustainable material

MULTILITE® can be recycled and no waste is created in the production process. NATRALITE® is also heavy metal free. Duroplastic is committed to a sustainable planet.


99% UV Protection

Lets the light in while protecting your from harmful UV rays. Protects you from 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.



Multilite polycarbonate weighs half the weight of plate glass, making handling and installation ultimately more convenient.


Energy Saving

Use natural lighting


Impact Resistance


10 Year Guarantee


Panel Properties
Panel Thickness 40mm
Panel Structure 10 wall
Modular Width 500mm
Overall Width 526mm
Thermal Insulation 0.99 W/m²K
Impact Resistance Class B
Recommended Minimum Pitch 10°


Marlon Clickfix 1040 polycarbonate panels are available in a choice of standard colous including Clear, Glass Clear and light diffusing Pearlescent. A full palette of non standard colours are available on request subject to order quantity.

Clear 52% 0.42 0.48
Pearlescent 44% 0.28 0.32
Green 43% 0.34 0.39
Blue 15% 0.40 0.46
Red 16% 0.43 0.49
  • LT (Light Transmission) = The percentage of visible light which is transmitted through the panel.
  • SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) = The percentage of solar radiation transmitted through the panel.
  • SC (Shading Coefficient) = The amount of the sun’s heat transmitted through the panel compared with that of a 3mm pane of glass.